Carrara Camera Shake

This one is about producing a camera shake effect inside of Carrara.

I apologize in advance this is not a PDF or video tutorial, rather a “open the files and learn” type of tutorial.

However, I’m confident that once you poke around the settings in the file that produce the effect, you’ll quickly understand how to produce the effect for your own projects. Add a little motion blur either in Carrara or in post and you have yourself a very convincing and professional effect.

You can see an example of what’s included in the files below:

Here’s the files:

Camera Shake File (60)


In the 3 files, compare and contrast the noise tweener settings and the beginning and end timeline positions of each target helper within the group. This will become clear upon inspection.

Also, if you want to translate the camera. Don’t translate the Camera itself. You’re going to translate the “Cam shake rotate” layer instead. If fact, I would advise you parent the existing cam group to an additional target helper and translate that instead