It’s Halloween, a night for frights and fun! And what better way to spend the macabre evening than revisiting classic horror movies and the monsters that inspire childhood nightmares.

Artist Stu Sutcliffe captures a kind of magic that made these characters special, adding a healthy dose of childhood imagination that somehow transforming actors covered in makeup and foam, exaggerating them into the larger-than-life creatures we remember.

These amazing characters were sculpted in 3DCoat. Final textures and hair created and rendered in Carrara. Any “painterly” backgrounds used ArtRage.

So grab the popcorn and turn down the lights! This monster marathon is just getting started…

Fly 001 75

      Bride65         Frankensteins Creature

Peter Cushing VanHelsing AR

    Metaluna Mutant 002       Martian 001

MorllockHand002 copy

Brrrrr!Final copy


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