DAZ 3D is pleased to announce the next public version of the Carrara BETA – version

car 85

What is new in this version?

The version implements support for PostgresSQL and includes some bug fixes. We are well aware that we have not resolved all issues.

Public BETA improvements are:
1) PostgresSQL CMS – Added support for the PostgresSQL implementation of the Content Management Service (CMS). Valentina will still operate, but PostgresSQL is the preferred solution. Both can be installed on your machine at the same time, but only one will be used.
2) Smart Content Speed Improvements – The Smart Content Browser has been optimized for both PostgresSQL and Valentina. PostgresSQL is generally the faster of the two and is on par with the performance of DAZ Studio’s Smart Content pane. This resolves one of the known issues for Carrara 8.5
3) Fixed #CAR-70 – Fixed a vertex modeler lathe bug; segments were always 12 regardless of user input.
4) Fixed #CAR-81 – Fixed a ring light collision crash.
5) Fixed #CAR-104 – Fixed an issue with normals being flipped on objects that are duplicated with symmetry on export.
6) Fixed #CAR-108 – Fixed an issue where using a sky crashed the application on exit.
7) Fixed #CAR-109 – Fixed an issue with the night sky setting not being remembered.
8) Fixed – Fixed an issue where Save As does not remember the path when saving non .car files.

More informations here: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/48629/

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