Carrara Hair Tutorials Series In Seven Parts by Jonstark

Part 1 – Overview (“Carrara Hair Tutorial. This first part is just an overview.”)

Part 2 – Low Poly Proxy (“Setting up the low poly proxy and why I use it.”)

Part 3 – Grow Region Tool (“Adding hair to the figure and determining where the hair will grow.”)

Part 4 – Guide Hair Tools (“The importance of guide hairs and how they work.”)

Part 5 – Brush and Push tools and Dynamic Draping (“The Brush and Push tools s well as dynamic draping simulation and suggested settings.”)

Part 6 – Cut and Length tools, Auto Grouping (“Further syling the hair and the importance of auto grouping to keep ‘loose’ strands from falling through the mode.”)

Part 7 – Hair Simulation and Animation (“Animation of the hair and some notes on various simulation settings to try to achieve the most realistic movement possible.”)


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