Carrara Skies Lightdomes 2 now in store, 50% off on release day

Carrara Skies Lightdomes 2 now in store, 50% off on release day

Tim Payne is back with an update of his previous item and on the release day an amazing 50% off with the March Madness sale.
Here are the details from Tim himself:

I’m getting back into content creation, and I’m really happy to finally be presenting Carrara Skies Lightdomes 2 – all the great features of the first volume, but with a much wider range of lighting colors. Whether you’re rendering alien worlds, ancient adventures, future dystopias, or portraits of your favorite characters, CSLD2 makes it really easy to get great lighting results.

Carrara Skies Lightdomes 2 includes two perfectly matched sets of light rigs – one for use with, and the other without, Carrara Skies Volume 2. Two sets of light rigs are necessary because an atmosphere dims and tints far away lights. Each light rig has three lightdome quality options so you can pick the ideal balance of speed and quality for your scene.

The colors of these lightdomes are far more natural than the Skylight GI produced by Carrara’s Realistic Sky, and with the light rigs’ bounce and ambient components you get results that look similar to Indirect Lighting, but in a fraction of the time.

For complex scenes, these lightdomes can render faster than comparable Skylight global illumination, and they use less memory too. They won’t always be faster – it really depends on what kind of objects and shaders are in the scene – but in many cases they will be.

Another really cool advantage of these lightdomes over conventional global illumination is that they produce specular reflections. The colors and intensities of the individual lights in the dome is controlled by the actual colors of the sky, and this provides a subtle and very realistic approximation of blurry environment reflections on shaders with high specularity. Renders won’t look flat like they so often do when rendered with IBL or HDRI.

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HDR Pro Sets Monterey, BaseSets and Urban Recreation for Carrara released by DimensionTheory

HDR Pro Sets Monterey, BaseSets and Urban Recreation for Carrara released by DimensionTheory

Three new products for Carrara (and Daz Studio and Poser too) has just been released by DimensionTheory, as usual there is an intro price of 30% off, the HDR Pro Sets Urban Recreation is currently 50% off.

I’m happy to announce the release of my second HDR Prosets product, from my trip to Monterey California! This set is now available in the store, with presets supporting DAZ Studio, Poser and Carrara. Also, new to the series are my “Basesets” which I’ll be releasing with each new set. These contain just the HDRI files and background textures for use in most any program at a cheaper price, very useful if you don’t use the named programs or just want to make your own presets!

HDR Prosets: Monterey –

HDR Basesets: Monterey –

On another note, Carrara and Poser support has been rolled out for my previous set Urban Recreation! Those who purchased this set previously should be receiving the updated files, if not please reset your downloads and let me know if there’s issue. Newcomers will be able to grab the set at it’s original discounted price of 50% off for a limited time! Please enjoy these new presets and feel free to post your renders for me to see!

HDR Prosets: –

More info and pictures here:


DAZ PAs Christmas Countdown – Annual Freebies 2012

DAZ PAs Christmas Countdown – Annual Freebies 2012

The very first freebie includes a Carrara item!

The gift for Day 1 are Bryce Elements presented to you
by our DAZ PAs and Bryce Masters, Horo and David!!!
*** Note their offerings also have something for Carrara and DAZ Studio ***

“Important to know is that the zip has to be unpacked with retaining the folder structure. It contains two scenes for Bryce with two videos; an HDRI each for Bryce, Carrara and Studio with short videos (~5 min) how to use them in the respective programs.”

Horo’s shop:
David’s shop:

The Forum thread with the countdown to Christmas:


















New Carrara light/render set: Skies of Economy from DimensionTheory

New Carrara light/render set: Skies of Economy from DimensionTheory

DimensionTheory has just released a new Carrara light/render set called Skies of Economy.
The name may refer to the fact that you get 30 complete sets for all your lighting and rendering needs,
in 4 different applications: Carrara, Poser, Daz Studio and Reality for Daz Studio.
Some more details about the Carrara version:

  • 30 32-bit .HDR Images (4096 x 4096)
  • 30 Direct Light Presets
  • 30 Background Presets
  • 30 Render Setting Presets
  • Carrara .HDR and Reality .EXR files can be used in a wide variety of other programs such as Vue and Octane.
  • Each set contains 10 presets each for Night, Sunny and Sunset.

Now on intro sale with 33% off!
Get it at

Skies of Economy














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