Working with Physics in Carrara 8.5 Pro

Part 1: Physics Tutorial

Emw Grimhilda: “This is a tutorial for beginners wishing to try using soft body physics in Carrara 8.5 professional.”


Part 2: Physics Tutorial

Emw Grimhilda: “A second tutorial for starting to use Bullet Physics in Carrara 8.5 Pro.”


Part 3: Physics Tutorial

Emw Grimhilda: “Third and final demonstration of using Soft Body Physics with Carrara 8.5 Pro.”


Easy Bullet Physics and Keyframes Tutorial

In this example I show how to toss coins into a cardboard box. The emphasis is on being artistic rather than scientific. In other words I’m going to show you how to “cheat”. How to focus on getting a result quickly, using a reasonable start point and then fiddling a bit until we get what we want.

By ensuring that you work with proxy objects or simple objects, then the simulation in Carrara 8 is pretty fast. This makes working with this kind of animation technique a joy!

I cover all the basic techniques needed to get an object to collide in a realistic way with another object.

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