Fluid-Plugin for Carrara by Alberto (AB)

Alberto: “I created an extension than comunicates with the Guy’s fluidsim software. So we can use Carrara objects and forces and the plugin translate this to fluidsim. The results are saved in bakefiles that the plugin reads for Carrara.

The Guy’s simulator has many features. I only retouched it something to use Carrara forces.”


The plugin is based in Ryan L. Guy work – GridFluidSim3D > http://rlguy.com/gridfluidsim/index.html

More infos here > https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/202391/fluids-in-carrara-and-a-plugin-by-alberto-is-coming


Release date – “Before the end of this year.”

Download location – “At sharecg, as my previous plugin”

Price – “Nothing! (I’m enjoying creating this plugin and I want to help Carrarists, you’re a wonderful community!, and I like Carrara so much!)”


Some first impressions:

Diffuse Particles


Diomede’s cyclostrich





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