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Luxus Core
Started by Spheric Labs 3 years ago

LuxCore is the engine that LuxRender 2.0 will be run on. LuxRender 2.0 is not done yet, but LuxCore is at a usable state.

Luxus is the exporter to LuxRender and will remain so. LuxRender and Luxus are in no way obsoleted.
LuxusCore is the direct link to LuxCore.

The biggest advantages are pure GPU rendering and IPR.

Here is a video of LuxusCore doing its thing.

Here is a build that will work till the end of the month. Win64 only at this time.

This should be considered experimental.  Save often and expect crashes if you use the LuxusCore stuff.

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milo replied 3 years ago...

Oh that is slick!!!  I got to make some time to play wit this.  Thanks you!

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booksbydavid replied 3 years ago...

Very interesting, Thanks!

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3drendero replied 3 years ago...

Plugin has been updated twice, now works until the end of February.
One of the new features are the choice of OpenCL devices at start-up, useful with multiple GPU’s and CPU’s.

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3drendero replied 3 years ago...

Starting a simple manual for the upcoming Luxus Core:

1. Beta installation:
Download from

and unzip to crogram FilesDAZ 3DCarrara8.5Extensions
(path may be different if you installed Carrara elsewhere)
(LuxRender is not needed this time, unlike Luxus for Carrara)

2. Start Carrara and load a default scene to quickly check that LuxusCore is working:
File -> Open Preset -> Global Illumination -> Skylight
Edit -> LuxCore IPR 
Now the IPR render window should open and the realtime GPU rendering should be online.

The very first time you may get the same configuration dialog as when choosing Edit -> LuxCore Config
where you choose GPU or CPU rendering and the method for rendering.

In the Render Room, you can choose Rendering -> Renderer -> Photorealistic -> Luxcore via Luxus to get the full render options.

To be continued... 

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3drendero replied 3 years ago...

Here is the first version of the unofficial LuxusCore manual.
Please add any info you may want to share, so that we can write a good manual for the amazing LuxusCore:

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gillisgraphics replied 2 years ago...

Any Mac development in the plans?
I have a Mac Pro (Late 2013) and I would love to utilize the dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics cards.

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ChrisRL replied 2 years ago...

Spheric, hello!
Chris here.
So I've been using the beta version to try out and of course the period is over today.
Which version should I be moving on to, on a more permanent basis?
I'm evaluating various options for a feature film I'm putting together.
Using Luxus for Carrara on 8.5 as of now.

3djun commented 2 years ago

Please add Luxus version fro Carrara 7.2 Pro. It is possible? I have bought Luxus For Carrara to try with what I have at the moment Carrara Pro 7.2 but it is not working. Im using 32 bit.


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Spheric Labs replied 2 years ago...

New build

Win64 -



- GlossyCoating Material.  (make sure you set the base material to something)


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Jetbird_D2 replied 2 years ago...

Exciting news!

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