Carranimation Part 1 – Rotation of the Hip

Carraranimation1Carrara has a vast array of little check boxes and fields to fill in that help us to have things animate on their own with just a little input from us. All over the place the Carrara interface is checking to see if we need some automatic animation assistance, and I think that's very cool, indeed! In this article I wanted to instead demonstrate my simple method of character animation. There are many techniques to animating characters and I've read instructions about quite a few … Continue Reading ››

C3DE Issue 11 call for participation


Ladies and gentlemen,

You are welcome to show your artwork via C3DE magazine.

All you need to do is make a selection of what you think is best of your artwork made with Carrara software application.

Zip it and name the archive like so: C3DE-11-Your-Name

Send this zip archive to

giving the subject for email C3DE-11-submission

Inspire thousands of artists around the globe with your art!

To … Continue Reading ››

Optimizing Your Content – Shader Basics

R6BLStormMaterials (Shader) Optimization in Carrara Truly optimizing is, by definition, uniquely different from one individual's needs to the next. We all have different tastes and goals which leads to different scene setups with lighting and rendering - even render engine considerations. Purchasing optimization files, like shaders, is a great way to learn a good many ways that Pro Carrara users use to optimize their files. Tim Payne optimizes skies in a way that would take me quite some time and a whole pile of headaches and … Continue Reading ››

Major Production – My Production


A brief word about how I juggle the creation of my own meager, yet somewhat epic in scale, production in Carrara

 Amidst the darkness of reality arose a hero lost in his own imagination. Together, he and his fascinations protect what little light remains and strive to make it brighter....

One thing that I really love to do when I'm at a computer is to animate 3d scenes. This includes the modeling, mapping, texturing, lighting, layout... I enjoy pretty … Continue Reading ››

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