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Date postedDecember 8, 2012
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By bitserve
So you want to sell your mesh online, but don’t know how to do one of those bluish renders that you see everywhere? Those are commonly referred to as clay renders, because they basically look like the mesh is made of modeling clay.

Using the simple shader allows the details of the mesh to stand out without any distractions.

Opinions vary between using an angle and short “focal length” to really maximize the 3D effect, or using a human perspective with a standard focal length. I typically use a human perspective for objects not much taller than a human, and the standard 50mm focal length.

Even a lousy mesh “pops”.

To get started, I use the skylight scene from the global illumination category of the scene wizard and change the scene background to white. Delete the scene’s objects and the master light.

The next step is to import your mesh and shade it entirely in the clay shader. In the render room, disable interpolation, set the intensity of the skylight to 145% and the intensity of the indirect light to 90%. Max out the object and shadow accuracy. To speed up the render, use the fast lighting quality with 4 pixel lighting accuracy, which also adds some nice noise to the texture.

You do want to put your subject in the center of the frame for this purpose, so to balance the composition, I like to use generous amounts of negative space around it.

If you try this out, please share your results any any changes that you prefer.

Thank you.

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