A big day for the PC industry today and officially on 2nd March 2017, the AMD Ryzen 8-core CPU’s are officially presented today, ready for pre-order now and delivery on 2nd March 2017.

After 10 years of quad cores for <1000$/CPU due to Intel monopoly, AMD is finally back with AMD Ryzen 7 series (1700/1700X/1800X) for 300-500$ that beats the >1000$ Intel Core i7 6900k in Cinebench R15, the benchmark most similar to Carrara.


AMD Ryzen 7 1700X – $399    Cinebench R15 – 1537
Intel Core i7 6900k – $1049.99   Cinebench R15 – 1474
You can find your CPU Cinebench score here: http://cbscores.com/ or try Cinebench yourself: https://www.maxon.net/en/products/cinebench/

Intel quad cores score 800-900 so a nice speed up of twice as fast for the same money.
Or less than half the price for the same speed, since Intel sells its expensive mainboards only with their 6 and 8-core CPU’s…

All AMD Ryzen 7 CPU’s can be overclocked, so there is even more speed available since they are rated for 95W while Intel is running 140W, but we need to wait for some official reviews on 2nd march to see exactly how much more.

A review round-up: http://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-7-review-roundup-official-launch-coverage/

The official AMD launch video:











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