Low poly Hi Res Tutorial Series by SciFi Funk

Low poly Hi Res Tutorial Series. For non speaking Closeup use (by Sci Fi Funk)

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Organisation

Part 3 – Octane Materials

Part 4 – Fast Cr2 Character Generation

Part 5a – Editing Clothes to fit example 1

Part 5b – example 2

Part 6 – Make them 90 percent less polygons

Part 7 – Tidy up Shaders and Attach Skeletons


Three Point Lighting Tutorial for 3d Animators

Three point lighting can transform your remders! Suddenly flat dull pictures take on a 3d quality of their own. The basic principle is this, shine a keylight onto the subject and a fill light to the side, plus a backlight to the side and rear. Now the magic happends when the three lights overlap on the subject.

However I take things much further in this tutorial. How about using three point lighting on individual objects to make them stand out in a scene. If you make the lighting so tight that It doesnt spill over onto the ground below or other objects you have massive control over your subject.

Fast Night Time Lighting for 3D Animation

The basic idea is to use moonlight with 4 distant lights each with their own colour shading and intensity, in order to simulate the slow to render indirect lighting that is available under global illumination. I go into how contrasting additional lights with this lighting can help the whole scene look like night time.

The video is geared towards surviving youtubes encoding for darker lights. Of course using some kind of gamma correction is useful, but how about fixing the scene at source? Gamma correction can light up everything, here you can select what is to stand out.

Finally I mix a three point lighting idea with this set up to show how you can cheat and help individual objects stand out in the darkness.

Easy Bullet Physics and Keyframes Tutorial

In this example I show how to toss coins into a cardboard box. The emphasis is on being artistic rather than scientific. In other words I’m going to show you how to “cheat”. How to focus on getting a result quickly, using a reasonable start point and then fiddling a bit until we get what we want.

By ensuring that you work with proxy objects or simple objects, then the simulation in Carrara 8 is pretty fast. This makes working with this kind of animation technique a joy!

I cover all the basic techniques needed to get an object to collide in a realistic way with another object.

How to fake Random events in 3D Animation

This 3d animation tutorial shows how to make Advertising Hoardings show random images changing over time. I use a single sequence of images resorted to an apparent random order, and then seven versions of this sequence starting at various start points.

I start each version seven seconds further into the sequence than the earlier version. In this way (and the fact that the sequences are changing quite quickly, and distributed over the screen it will be very hard for the eye to spot that the sequence is not random!

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