New Carrara plugin: DCG Importer, a sequence OBJ Importer

Digital Carvers Guild has released a new Carrara plugin called: DCG Importer:
“The DCG Importer lets you render simulations and animations from your favorite 3D tools that export sequenced OBJs.”

A description from Eric Winemiller at Digital Carvers Guild:
“It will import sequenced OBJ versions of anything the built in Wavefront OBJ importer will do. By only keeping one frame in memory at a time, it lets Carrara handle large or long running animations.”

One use case is exporting a fluid dynamic simulation from Blender (free) or RealFlow (expensive) into Carrara, the Youtube below shows the result.

Get the trial or buy the full version at: http://www.digitalcarversguild.com/plugin.php?ProductId=21

More info about Realflow here: http://www.realflow.com/
More info about Blender fluid simulation here: http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-240/fluids-simulation/









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2 thoughts on “New Carrara plugin: DCG Importer, a sequence OBJ Importer”

  1. I just tried the demo of this and when scrubbing the timeline 10 frames my OBJ was not animated (demos has a 10 frame limit).. Is this working in pro?

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