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  • At the Movies: Star Trek

    [youtube fullscreen=yes]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GNgKu2EpxU[/youtube]

    Enterprise Refit Drydock Tour inspired by Star Trek The Motion Picture
    In case you think it’s the wrong starship, please wait until the end. :)
    Created and animated in Carrara, with textures done in Adobe Photoshop, and edited in iMovie.

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  • We just recovered from big crash and are still working on fixes.

    Dec 13, 2014



    As some of you may know  Carrara Cafe was recently hacked.
    We have recovered from the crash, however there are still some glitches that are being worked on.

    Unfortunately the back up file that I have is a little bit old one so we lost few new posts in few places as well as some members might need to create new accounts.

    It is also strongly recommended to change log-in passwords to everyone. Please do change your password to new ones before Monday.

    Attention! New users, please hold on on registering new accounts, were are looking into how to resolve some lost data and we might need to reset entire website again which might lead to loss of new registrations. Gives us couple of days before registering to Carrara Cafe. 

    I apologize for inconveniences this caused you.

    Kind regards,



  • New Shaders for Carrara

    Aug 8, 2014

    Free Professional 3D Shaders for Carrara  

    All artworks and shaders created by Kirk Saavedrashaders by kirk

    He writes on his site:

    “…Our shader collections include a large array of shaders like: glass, plastic, wood, bars, metal, paper, rust, clean metals, cloth, leather etc and the best part it is all free! Continue reading →

  • Carrara – Realism Rendering Training Video (Infinite Skills)

    Jul 25, 2014

    Carrara Realism Rendering

    Carrara – Realism Rendering Training Video

    New tutorial series by Phil Wilkes at Infinite Skills online: http://www.infiniteskills.com/carrara/

    Course Description:

    “…You will start by learning about the render settings in Carrara, then jump into learning how to create realistic lighting. Phil will take you through worked examples, including a vehicle, and the interior and exterior. This video tutorial also takes you through a worked example of a human, including creating the character clothing, skin, eyes, and hair, and rendering the final character…” Continue reading →


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