Artists may submit up to two images and must use Carrara to render a PUNCH LINE to a joke!

Dates to Remember:
– WIP Thread Opens: 9:00 PM ET May 12, 2014
– Submissions Open: 9:00 PM ET May 19, 2014
– Submissions Close: 9:00 PM ET June 2, 2014
– Voting Starts: 9:00 PM ET May June 2, 2014
– Voting Ends: 9:00 PM ET June 9, 2014

With Prizes Brought to You by Daz 3D and Sadot

DAZ 3D has been very generous in encouraging these Carrara Challenges and has offered to support us once a month!
DAZ 3D is donating:
1st Place: $100 towards Daz owned item(s).
2nd Place: $50 towards Daz owned item(s).
3rd Place: $25 towards Daz owned item(s).
In addition, two Honorable Mentions will receive a $10 Daz owned item.

This month’s sponsor is Sadot and winners will also receive items from his store.
1st place receives 3 items from his store,
2nd receives 2, and 3rd receives 1.
The honorable mentions also receive an item from his store.
Each artist may submit up to two images by 9pm Eastern Time (ET), June 2, 2014.

For each image, the artist must use Carrara to render a PUNCH LINE to a joke!

I came about this from 2 things, one I just saw a headline on the longest joke in the world- Lost in the Desert. I also like images without a text story, I like images to tell the story, somehow my mind combined these two topics into Carrara Challenge IX !

The joke does not have to be in the final render, only the punch line needs to be rendered. You can also render out one-liners. You would submit the text of your joke and then the renderered image of your punchline.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Robin who?
Rendered image of your punchline- Robin the piggy bank again.

A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he rounded them up he had 200.

example one-liner:
A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, “So, why the long face?”

Jokes must follow Daz TOS for subject and taste.

1 Each submission must incorporate at least 2 (TWO) objects created or significantly enhanced in Carrara for that image.
2 Each submission must also incorporate at least one object using a water shader, that cannot be a lake, river or ocean as their object. It can be a glass of liquid, a tear, rain drops, slobber etc. It can have a lake or ocean in your render, but will still need another object with a water shader.
If an artist submits two images, then votes for the two images are combined for a single score for that artist, with limitations as described below. Voters may vote for up to three images.
Voters may also indicate one provisional tie-breaker/honorable mentions (not by an artist the voter voted for). The artist with the most combined votes receives the first place prizes.
Prizes are Daz owned items up to $100, $50, and $25 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers, respectively. Two honorable mentions receive a Daz owned item up to $10.

Not required in your entry, but since our Sponsor Sadot offers HDRI packages, there is an extra week in the submissions time for those with slower renders times and want to use HDRI in their renders.

Because of my work hours I’m using eastern times.
Dates to Remember:
– WIP Thread Opens: 9:00 PM ET May 12, 2014
– Submissions Open: 9:00 PM ET May 19, 2014
– Submissions Close: 9:00 PM ET June 2, 2014
– Voting Starts: 9:00 PM ET May June 2, 2014
– Voting Ends: 9:00 PM ET June 9, 2014
– If you are unsure of Eastern Time, go to this link to get the current ET date/time:

Entry Rules:
1) Each artist can post up to 2 (TWO) entries. All votes for images by the same artist will be combined into a single score for that artist. You may not give more than one vote to a single image, but you can vote for two images by the same artist.

2) All entries must be submitted into the “Challenge Entries” thread before 9:00 PM Eastern Time (ET) on June 2, 2014. Artists must provide (as a minimum) a title, a general description of the work (e.g., how it was done, post work (rule 4), created or significantly enhanced objects (rule 5), and a content/plugin credit list (if used) If you are going to be unavailable to post your final entry, post your final render in the WIP thread, indicating that it IS your final entry and provide all the necessary
information. It will transferred to the entries thread after it opens.

3) All renders must be done in Carrara. In the spirit of exploring Carrara’s full potential, plug-ins are allowed. For example, the LuxRenderer plug-in can be used. However, in this case, a WIP must be posted in the WIP thread, showing the scene set-up inside Carrara, and a description of how the LuxRendered was set up MUST be included. Other content use is allowed
and welcome, but MUST be credited. If you used HDRI, be sure to mention that too.

4) Postwork is allowed. But, if you use postwork, the raw render(s) going into your postworked image MUST be posted in the WIP thread, along with a brief description of what kind of postwork you did.

5) A minimum of 2 (two) objects in the scene must be created or significantly enhanced in Carrara. See the section below for examples of what constitutes “significantly enhanced.”

6) At least 2 Works in Progress (WIPs) must be posted in this (WIP) thread before your final render is uploaded to the contest thread.
If you use postwork, at least one WIP must include the raw Carrara render and describe your postwork plans, pursuant to rule (4).
Other WIPs can be pre-render screenshots of the scene set-up, low quality samples, early drafts, and hand-drawn sketches with thoughts and ideas you are playing around with. Also, when you post your WIPs, please share what you are planning, problems you are working through, and breakthroughs you have discovered.

7) Content and Plugin use are allowed and welcome, but MUST be fully credited in the contest thread when your entry is posted.

8) All renders must be specially created for this challenge and previously unpublished.

9)The text of your joke last so it appears just above the rendered image punchline, unless it is a one-liner, then the rendered image will be it.

Voting and Scoring Rules:
1) Anyone with a DAZ account can give 1 vote each for up to three different images. You may vote for each image entry only once.
However, each entry selected by the voter provides the artist with one vote (point). Thus, if an artist has submitted two entries,
and a person gives one vote to each entry and the third vote to another artist’s entry, then the voter will have given 2 votes (points) to
the first artist and one vote (point) to the second artist. Voters may not give two votes to the same image entry. Voters may not give three votes to the same artist.

2) Contestants may not vote for their own images- Do not not vote for Host Image- It is not up to win any prizes, But I do want to enter.

3) Voting can begin immediately after the submission close date/time.

4) Voters may provide one provisional tie-breaker/honorable mention vote. A tie-breaker/honorable mention vote may be cast for an entry of an artist that the voter has not
voted for. Tie breaker votes are not counted unless there is a tie for first, second, or third place.

5) If artists receive the same vote total, the first tie breaker will be to count the tie-breaker votes among the tied participants. If there is still a tie,
the contest sponsor (Sadot) will break the tie.

6) The challenge coordinator (kashyyyk) cannot place for any prize.

7) Anonymous votes will be accepted with just cause. Send me (kashyyyk) a PM with the entries you are voting for, along with an explanation of just cause. If persuaded that the cause is just,
I will add an “anonymous” post to the contest thread.

What are “created or significantly enhanced” objects?
1) Creating an object in Carrara’s vertex modeler, the spline modeler, or the metaball modeler.
2) Morphing or modifying an object (including a primitive) beyond recognition or cutting parts from it, and using it for something completely different.
3) Covering an object with fur or creating dynamic hair for it.
4) Rigging and using that rig to pose an object.
5) Altering or creating UV-maps, or creating special shaders or textures.
6) Using the 3D-paint feature to texture the object or create shaders, shader masks, distribution maps, etc.
7) Creating unique variations of things like plants, oceans, particle generators, terrains, clouds, etc.
8) Inventive use of replicators. Just replicating an object doesn’t count as significantly enhanced, but creating new shapes using replicated objects does, or using distribution maps or nested replicators to create environments or interesting concepts would also count.
If you are not sure whether your enhancements qualify, please ask in this thread.

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Summary/Final Words:
Remember, the aim is to have fun, learn and share a little about Carrara with others, show off Carrara’s versatility and strengths, and show off your personal artistic and Carrara talents! So let the rendering begin!

Apologies to prior challenge coordinators for plagiarizing their postings, including this apology. I do want to thank them too for keeping these challenges going so smoothly!

The work in Progress Thread will be open until June 2, 2014, at 9pm Eastern Time. The submissions thread will open May 19-June 2 9pm ET.

The original thread is announced at DAZ 3D:

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