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HELP! Models too heavy in Carrara
Started by Susanna123 1 year ago


Hello to everybody! This is my first time here and I’d really appreciate

your help. 

I work with a MacPro (2x2.66GHz-processor Memory 32 GB), which should be quite powerful.

I’m a Carrara user and I need to convert models with Vector Style. I bought beautiful scenarios for Carrara: Alsace, Noble pine, Harpsburg, Alpine Valley and so on, but Carrara makes it hard to handle the scene . It’ hard also move a little the camera and every operation as well and it is absolutely impossible to use Vector Style because the software crashes.

How can I do to give Carrara and Vector Style enough memory to be able to use these models? I have also tried to eliminate many elements of the scenes, but it is useless. They are always too heavy.

Can someone help me?

Thank you

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Jetbird_D2 replied 1 year ago...


You might be more lucky at DAZ 3D Carrara forums here:
That place is more active, Carrara Cafe is more like a central spot for tutorials and stuff like freebies.

I am not sure what you want to do, but it could be good to try to make your image in layers, like divde your scene in background elements, elements near by, main elements and render them as separate images and join them in software like Photoshop or GIMP or Paintshop pro etc.

Scenes with generated trees are resource intensive, it would be best to set the replicators to show only as bounding boxes.  

Susanna123 commented 1 year ago
Thank you for your reply, but I’ve already try to divide the scene into several parts. Always too heavy :-((
Now I’m going to connect to the link you suggested to me.
Thank you very much!!

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