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Cloud Nine 2D Light Domes
Started by HarrySydney 1 year ago

Hi, I am an absolute beginner in Carrara and wanting rapid renders the titled Domes were attractive.  However, installing and using them has me baffled. Would someone be kind enough to guide me please?

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0oseven replied 1 year ago...

Did you manage to install yet ?

I would think if you use the Daz Install Manager you would direct the files to Carrara's Scenes folder [ explore the carrarainstallation to see the exact path.

By the way you can make your own file "system" and install them there. Either way you would access via the Browser. If you need more help let me know -I'll do my best.

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HarrySydney replied 1 year ago...

Thanks Ooseven, I did indeed install through DAZ Install Manager, my problem wa finding them in Carrara.  Since your message I looked in the Carrara directory, found the files and added a folder to Carrara.  Whether this is the correct way to proceed or not, and with a couple of false starts, I can now use the files.  Thanks for your response.


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