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importing new poser content into Carrara
Started by david_macrae 2 years ago


My name is David and I am new to this forum. I currently use poser game dev and all my content is poser but I am just starting to learn Carrara as well. As I am interested in doing anime style renders most of the content I have is older and imports fine into carrara. BTW I have 8.5 and am on a mac os x yosemite.

One character I am having problems with is the new Star! from runtimedna. I believe the issue is with the new poser weight mapping. She imports ok in a zero position but if I try to pose her all hell breaks loose. So, I was wondering if there are already any tutorials if it is even possible. If not can she be imported as an obj and rigged in carrara. I have already search the other forums (daz3d, runtimedna) and have not found an answer yet.

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headwax replied 2 years ago...

Hi David, Fenric I think has a plugin?
see third way down this page 

david_macrae commented 2 years ago
Thanks, Now I just have to find a PC as I am on Mac, but I will let you knows how it goes after I try it.
milo commented 2 years ago
It should run under WINE in OSX. WINE is an compatibility layer for running windows app within unix/osx.

Official Site: (it has some prepackaged ones listed beyond just compiling from source like with Fink) MacUpdate has a build of the 1.6.2 release same release as stable but compiled in 2014.

One of the 3rd party version: (recommended by macupdate)This one looks interesting.

There were other listed 3rd party versions.

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