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70% off Carrara and 94 other Carrara items sale, limited to end of March 2015
Started by 3drendero 2 years ago

Just a heads up that another store with Carrara and 94 Carrara items has a 70% sale.

Limited to end of March I guess.

Now is the time to pickup Carrara 8.5 or some Carrara items:

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3drendero replied 2 years ago...

All Carrara items are 50% off until Sunday April 5, 23:59 MDT.

If you get 50$ worth of non-DAZ items, then DAZ originals are 75% off.

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Posts: 50
3drendero replied 2 years ago...

1 day only March Madness flashback sale, 50% of these Carrara shaders by RingoMonfort:

And their base figures, in basic, starter or pro bundle:

Here is a freebie coming from the promotional renders: 

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3drendero replied 2 years ago...

Huge Carrara 8.5 Pro sale in the “Throwback Thursday” sale, 60% off when buying 3 items in the sale and it is actually cheaper to buy 2 other items at the same time than just Carrara alone.

For example these 3 items in the cart:

costs for PC member: 38.36$
costs for non-PC member: 80.76$

As usual, it pays off to sign up for a 3 month PC membership first for 24$:
The PC membership includes rebate coupons worth at least 24$ and many more benefits listed on the link above.

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3drendero replied 2 years ago...

All Carrara items are 49% off, it is a DAZ Studio 4.8 release party:
Ringo’s Carrara shaders are 60% off:

All DAZ items are on 49% sale too:

KatLady commented 2 years ago
Thank you! I'll check it out.

Kat Sibo

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