“This one shows a couple of things about soft shadows” by cripeman


What is Carrara – Intro by Dartanbeck


“In this video, I try to keep things brief, while also trying to help point out the fact that Carrara is one of the only 3D applications of its kind, especially when it comes to having to do things on your own – as opposed to having a full team of artists working on your project.
Carrara has the tools to do everything. Seriously.
Composite 3D text over video footage, enhance footage with special effects, create an entire animated movie with CG characters, build your own models or use DAZ (and other marketplace) content… making it incredibly flexible and easy to learn. It also comes packed with many presets which can be used as the time-saving starting points that they are, or used as a means to see, first hand, how certain things are done in Carrara – so it’s also its own instructional tool as well.

I hope you enjoy the overview, even though I realize now that I still haven’t even begun to scratch the surface!”


MultiPass Rendering in Carrara

CyborgProductions: “Video response to multi-pass rendering questions from a member on the Carrarators website. This shows basic use of .rpf and .png output sequences.”


Carrara to Unity Animation Troubles


“I haven’t had any luck getting a file into Unity that works. I’ve tried several ways and will continue with any suggestions. As you can see in the video, Unity has many key frames that were not in the original animation. Deleting the key frames in Unity causes further issues like animation without keys. I’ve also tried this with a bone as a parent, to no better results. I’m using Carrara 8 pro 64bit and Unity 4.5.1”


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