Human Nature

Human Nature

Human Nature from Nassos Vakalis

An uptight elephant is enjoying a scenic train ride reading a book alone in his compartment. Soon the door opens and a happy go lucky, goofy and free-spirited bear chooses to take a seat across from the elephant and disturbs his peaceful solitude. This is war. Would the elephant tolerate this uninvited guest who seems to have the worst manners and shows little respect for anything? How long will it take for these two to get on each other’s nerves and prove that “human nature” prevails even in the animal kingdom?

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To learn more about this animated short you can also take a look at the C3DE interview with Nassos Vakalis



PySwarm – Follow Terrain Animation

PySwarm – Follow Terrain Animation

Carrara user Joe Pingleton combined a looping NLA walkcycle with Fractal Dimensia’s PySwarm script, the PyCarrara plugin, and Sparrowhawke3D’s Follow Terrain plugin to create this animation test of multiple figures finding their way across a varied terrain.

He explains the process:

This is another experiment with the PySwarm plug in for Carrara 8.5 Pro and NLA Clips. This time the figures follow the terrain object using Sparrowhawke3d’s Follow Terrain Plug In for Carrara.

I created a “Boid” group that was a figure with a looping walk cycle NLA clip with a duration of 2 minutes. Then I replicated that “Boid” 10 times and numbered the “Boid” groups. Then I used PySwarm to generate a movement script with 10 boids and 1 attractor object. Then I imported the PySwarm script into Carrara. Then I applied Sparrowhawke3d’s Follow Terrain Plug In to make each “boid” drop to the surface of the terrain object. One walk NLA clip and the Pyswarm script control all movement, no key frame editing.

Dating in Space Gets Complicated – Saratoga Saga

Dating in Space Gets Complicated – Saratoga Saga


Aboard the CSS SARATOGA humans are working together with other humanoid races, joined in a confederation against a mysterious enemy. But close contact leads to some unexpected consequences: inter-species relationships!


Tagolians live twice as long as humans, and they mate for life. They take courtship slowly – in Episode 2 you’ll find out why (hint: they become homocidal stalkers!) “Yikes!”


In contrast the Terrans must seem a fickle race, what with a Captain who casually dismisses her former marriage as “dumb”, and a hot-to-trot pilot who compulsively hits on his superior officer at a space bar….


Meanwhile the Verdians are a matriarchal race of giant green Amazons. Their men are puny (although still taller than human males) and stay home tinkering with science and engineering. The females are out being warriors and having space adventures – but don’t get any ideas, they mate for life too! (Gulp!)

Who knew space would be this DANGEROUS!




A Pirate’s Quest – CG animated Lego short movie

A Pirate’s Quest – CG animated Lego short movie

A Pirate’s Quest – CG animated Lego short movie

by CyBoRgTy

Here’s a Lego adventure short movie I created in my spare time during the past couple of months.

The last 4 minutes and 41 seconds of this movie (the cave scene) were rendered in iClone 5 Pro (first time using it). The first 2 minutes were render in Carrara 8 Pro.

All original music.

Lego adventure short movie.
The Andrey Pestryskov, Nerd3D, and mmoir models were purchased at








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