Advanced Shader Tweaker plugin by Fenric

Advanced Shader Tweaker plugin by Fenric

We all love the convenience of Poser content in Carrara but tweaking every shader is a tedious task, especially when it is the same settings over and over: reduce the shiny highlights, remove the extraneous color multiply… . Shader tricks that control settings in Poser often have no equivalent in Carrara, leaving a trail of “junk DNA” in the shader tree. Meanwhile, common settings like the bump and shininess values for a figure’s “skin” are scattered across multiple shaders…. We’ve come to accept that the benefits of content outweigh the inconvenience of manually translating each of Poser’s shaders by hand, one by one.

But no more! Fenric has released his ADVANCED SHADER TWEAKER plugin which adjusts many multi-shader values all at once!


  • remove color multiply
  • remove extraneous alpha operations
  • Highlight value
  • Shininess value
  • Copy texture to bump
  • Bump amplitude value
  • Texture Filtering: Sampling, Gaussian, Fast MipMap
  • Enable Blurry Reflections
  • Reflection strength
  • Reflection bounce depth
  • Reflection fresnel
  • Transparency depth
  • Index of Refraction
  • SSS Translucence
  • SSS Reflection
  • SSS Fresnel
  • SSS Refraction
  • SSS Intensity
  • Translucency Value

The usual suspects are addressed directly in the Assembly Room so you can tackle the most common problems immediately as you load items into your scene.

It works by selecting the model (or models) to have the shaders adjusted for, and select the “Advanced Shader Tweaker” option from the “Fenric” menu, located under the main “Edit” menu. All the model’s shaders are adjusted at once.


If you hold down the “shift” key while choosing the menu option, then the tweaker will start in “texture filter” mode, where only the texture filtering options will be displayed. Finally, a fix to Carrara 8.5’s insistence on changing every texture shader to Fast Mip Map!


The plug in is available now and costs only $10. A free trial version is available to download, and will operate for 10 minutes before automatically being disabled.

In order to enable full functionality, a license key must be purchased at Fenric’s store.

PySwarm: Swarming Python Script for PyCarrara

PySwarm: Swarming Python Script for PyCarrara


PySwarm for Carrara is a Python script by fractaldimensia specifically designed and written to use with DAZ 3D Carrara’s plug-in PyCarrara to manipulate and render realistic swarming object and other similar forms of group behavior in Carrara.

Historically, anyone who wanted to create an animation sequence that simulated flocking, herding, schooling, swarming, or other group behaviors had two options.

1) Create flight paths for each individual in the group. This can be very time consuming and prone to difficulties if you want to change any of the paths.
2) Use a replicator to create groups of animals. This can lead to animations that are not realistic enough because replicators require animals move in unison.

PySwarm offers a third and more flexible choice. Realistic swarming animation can be achieved by loading the PySwarm script into a text editor, selecting the behaviors you wish to simulate, tweaking a few parameters, importing the script into your scene, and rendering the resulting keyframe-based simulation.

An essential feature of PySwarm is that users of the script do NOT have to know how to program in Python to use it. The PySwarm script was engineered in a way that anyone who has Python and the PyCarrara plug-in installed on their computer can, with minimal effort, render complex-looking animation sequences.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of animation sequences the PySwarm script is being designed to support.

  • Bees swarming around a beehive
  • Butterflies flying in an open field
  • A herd of horses running through a valley
  • An army of soldiers marching, but not in precise formation
  • Mechanical spiders swarming a futuristic fort
  • Predators moving through a large flock of prey (wolves and sheep, barracudas and fish, “bad guy”
    moving through a crowd of people)
  • Two groups of fighter aircraft in close “fur ball” combat

download the latest PySwarm script (V.0.3.1) along with a Users Guide and two .CAR starter files to use with the script here:

The PyCarrara plugin can be downloaded here:

These videos show PySwarm in action

Luxus plugin updated

Luxus plugin updated

Luxus for Carrara by Spheric Labs has been updated to version

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 2.54.11 PMUsers of the plugin will need to download the new version from the DAZ 3D website.

List of changes include:

– Production Frame and render match up perfectly.
– DOF parameters.
– Internal Saved Textures supported.
– Squelched some warnings related to textures.
– AreaLight bug that applied the light to multple shading domains when it should not have.
– Fixed Cloth.
– Rendering will not hang the Mac while LuxRender does its thing.

The unofficial Luxus for Carrara manual has also been updated

YAToon 2.0 released! Free open source toon rendering plugin for Carrara.

YAToon 2.0 released! Free open source toon rendering plugin for Carrara.

Zgock is back with a completely rewritten YAToon plugin for Carrara 8.x, still free but this time also open source.
Even a year long hospital visit could not keep zgock away from the keyboard and YAToon development.
– Improved Toon Painting
– Improved Line Drawing

Currently version 2.00 alpha 2 is available at:

Forum discussion at:

Test image of YAToon 2.0 alpha 1, no postwork.

Object Sequence Exporter plugin updated to 1.1

Object Sequence Exporter plugin updated to 1.1

Fenric has just released an update to his Object Sequence Exporter for Carrara PC/Mac:

  Corrects some issues with inverted normals and fixes compatibility with soft-body physics.

Get it at the download page, where you also can get the free trial version before you buy it for only $3.

You will also find the other extremely cheap plugins by Fenric at the same download page, with free trials for all. There are also 2 free plugins,  get them and support Fenric by buying his cheap plugins.







The Object Sequence Exporter uses a “baking” method to completely capture all of the vertex position
information about an animated object and exports it into a sequence of individual OBJ files, one for each frame.

Digital Carvers Guild plugin bundles for Carrara now available

Digital Carvers Guild plugin bundles for Carrara now available

Digital Carvers Guild has put it’s Carrara plugin library into money saving BUNDLES!
More info at:

Full Suite for Carrara – includes Anything Goos, Anything Grooves, Anything Grows, Cognito, DCG Importer, Enhance:C, Ground Control, Noir, Parchment, Project Gemini, Shader Gel and Strobe, Shader Ops, Shader Ops 2, Shaders Plus, StarBright, Terrain Tools, Toon! Pro, Wireframe Pro
All the DCG Carrara plug-ins at a super bundle price: $356.78
Power Pack for Carrara – includes Anything Grooves, Anything Grows, Shader Ops, StarBright
Four classic plug-ins at a great price: $79.00
ShaderStyle for Carrara – includes Anything Goos, Shaders Plus, Toon! Pro, Wireframe Pro
 Step up your shading and rendering with the ShaderStyle bundle; cel shading, cartoon edges, dirt and aging, wireframes, bevel shading, GI shadow catching, and more: $99.00
Terrain Pack for Carrara – includes Ground Control, Terrain Tools
If landscapes are your passion, the Ground Control and Terrain Tools bundle gets you two great plug-ins for one low price: $49.00

Thanks to booksbydavid for the tip.



















Patrick Tuten uses Shader Ops, Terrain Tools.
Landscape in Carrara 5 Pro. Surface replicator, translucency, caustics, volumetric clouds, GeoControl Beta. Shader Ops & Terrain Tools from DCG. All plants are made in Carrara.

Luxus for Carrara released! Intro sale price at 30% off.

Luxus for Carrara released! Intro sale price at 30% off.

Luxus the Luxrender plugin for Carrara, by Spheric Labs has just been released at the DAZ3D store with an introduction sale price of 20.99$, normal price will be 29.98$. Luxus supports Windows/Mac with 32/64bit versions for both.
Here is the list of what is included/supported:

Luxus Plugin for Carrara:

  • 19 LuxRender Textures as Shader Nodes
  • 17 LuxRender Materials as Shader Nodes
  • 01 Top Level Lux Surface Shader Node
  • Support for Carrara’s Spot, Bulb, and Distant lights
  • 05 LuxRender Specifc Lights:
    • Infinite(HDRI/IBL)
    • Projection
    • Sun
    • Sky 2
    • Sun Sky 2

The CarraraCafe Development/documentation blog has some useful info and freebie links that should not be missed, more here:
Especially the unofficial manual by rk66 is a must read:
The official manual is available at:
Luxrender can be freely downloaded from:


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