Carrara – Realism Rendering Training Video (Infinite Skills)

Carrara – Realism Rendering Training Video (Infinite Skills)

Carrara Realism Rendering

Carrara – Realism Rendering Training Video

New tutorial series by Phil Wilkes at Infinite Skills online:

Course Description:

“…You will start by learning about the render settings in Carrara, then jump into learning how to create realistic lighting. Phil will take you through worked examples, including a vehicle, and the interior and exterior. This video tutorial also takes you through a worked example of a human, including creating the character clothing, skin, eyes, and hair, and rendering the final character…” (more…)

Carrara Challenge X “Past hopes and present nostalgia”

Carrara Challenge X – Past hopes and present nostalgia

With Prizes Brought to You by Daz and HowieFarkes

DAZ has been very generous in encouraging these Carrara Challenges and has offered to support us once a month!
DAZ is donating:
1st Place: $100 towards Daz owned items.
2nd Place: $50 towards Daz owned items.
3rd Place: $25 towards Daz owned items.

In addition, two Honorable Mentions will receive a $10 Daz owned item.

This month’s sponsor is HowieFarkes and winners will also receive items from his store.

Each artist may submit up to two images by 9pm Mountain Time MT, July 14th, 2014.

The subject is “Past hopes and present nostalgia”. It’s a two sided theme with a render illustrating either the idea people from the past had of our present time and/or what we can be nostalgic of their time.

OctaneRender 2.0 released

OctaneRender 2.0 released

OTOY releases yesterday (Mon Jun 09, 2014) OctaneRender 2.0 and says:

“The new features in OctaneRender™ 2 include:

  • Displacement mapping – Used to give objects depth and detail, displacement mapping allows the height of points on a surface to be adjusted based on an image value.
  • Object motion blur – The blurring effect that simulates motion of inanimate objects in a rendered scene is supported and can be applied independently of camera movement.
  • Vertex motion blur – The blurring effect associated with geometry deformations, such as movement of a character’s arms or legs.
  • Hair and fur – An optimized hair render primitive is now available to allow rendering of hair or fur while reducing memory usage by 20 times compared to previous processes. OctaneRender™ 2 also simulates the distribution and fluidity of movement of those primitives.
  • (more…)

Natron Compositor Open-Source Chromakey

Natron Compositor Open-Source Chromakey

Natron is an open-source – crossplatform – nodal – compositing software for OS X, LINUX and WINDOWS.
It supports OpenFX plugins and have many nice other features.

I believe there can never be too many software applications to be aware of that could improve and extend your art creation.
This one might become a very valuable application to all Carrara animators. If you are in the needs for a compositing software to add some extra visuals to your Carrara rendered animations there is a very promising project in active development.

Natron compositor

New Pricing for RenderMan, Free for Non-commercial Use

New Pricing for RenderMan, Free for Non-commercial Use

© Disney/Pixar

© Disney/Pixar

Effective immediately, Pixar is announcing that the price of the current version of RenderMan is $495 per license for commercial use. A free non-commercial RenderMan will be available with the upcoming release of RenderMan scheduled in the timeframe of SIGGRAPH 2014. Pixar’s RenderMan® has been used for such classics as The Abyss, Terminator II, Jurassic Park, and Toy Story.

RenderMan products will also be combined, providing access to both the artist interface and the batch renderer for all users.

“Given the continually falling price of computing, trends point to studios and individual artists needing more and more rendering capacity. Reducing the cost of RenderMan makes it more cost effective to expand capacity and generate higher quality pixels. Pixar has established a new price point to specifically encourage accessibility and remove barriers to growth.”

With the upcoming release RenderMan will be free for non-commercial usage that does not involve direct use to generate profits. Renders may be published as long the images are not sold for profit. Examples of non-commercial use-cases include evaluations, personal learning, experimentation, research, and the development of tools and plug-ins for RenderMan.

The new RenderMan is being released in the timeframe of SIGGRAPH 2014 and will be compatible with the following 64-bit operating systems, Mac OS 10.8 and 10.7, Windows 8, 7, and Vista, and Linux.

Border Rendering Tool for Carrara *FIXED*


Woods Creation has created a morphing area-mask tool that parents to the Carrara camera to block out all but a small window of your image. The tool is used to speed up re-rendering when only one small part of a render has changed – especially useful for very large renders and complex scenes with GI calculations. The masked render is then combined with your original full render in a layered photo editing tool like Photoshop. A professional studio time saver!

You can download the free file here.

/Updated by 3drendero 20170221
Link is dead, but Conrad3DC has posted a similar tool at ShareCG, called Spot Render for Carrara. Get it here.

Update 20170312 (We hope, that´s okay) Since the link is dead, you can find the download now here:



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