Unicode Support

Unicode Support allows you to use just about any character set you want (Chinese, Japanese, French, and more) inside Carrara. This allows the use of these special characters in the text modeler to create 3D text. Objects can also be named using these special characters. You can also select a font that supports your chosen language for the general interface.

Bvhacker New Version 1.8 Bvh animation editing tool

Bvhacker New Version 1.8 Bvh animation editing tool

BHVacker is a tool to adjust and fix BVH motion files, that can be used in Carrara, and it´s free!

New features and changes in version 1.8:

* Added three new video tutorials to the help section
* Now possible to merge joints with their parent – useful for
converting skeletons with roll bones
* Now possible to delete descendants – useful for removing
multiple finger or toe joints
* Now possible to zero out descendants – see new video tutorial
for use
* Added preferences dialog (Ctrl P)
* Now possible to set the default file view for open and save
* Now possbile to show or hide the head mesh display
* Added Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to the view shortcuts
* Removed ‘Show first frame’ view option

Download BVHacker

CARRARA is now the latest production build!

If you own Carrara 8, we will add this new build to your account. If you are already using this build, then you need not re-download the build. It has not changed since this was in beta.

If you are seeing issues please log the bugs in the bug tracker:


Changes since the last production build include:

QuickTime – Fixed second issue of #0040272 (black playback window)
QuickTime – Fixed first issue in #0040272 (options window behind main window)
Quicktime : Fixed #0040222 : Fixed sound saving issue
Rendering : Fixed #0040533 : Fixed shadow catcher issue with raytraced depth of field
3DView : Fixed #0040519 : Fixed display issue with storyboard room
VertexModeler : Issue #0038076 : Fixed snapping issue with the polyline tool
Mac : Issue #0040300 : Fixed sub tool bar clicking issue
VertexModeler : Issue #0039027 : Fixed bounding box position in the assemble room
SMP : Issue #0039916 : Fixed freeze during rendering
Carrara – Fixed some repaint issues, by adding context-flushing
Carrara : Issue #0039865 : Fixed splash screen timeout close issue
3DView : Issue #0040071 : Fixed production frame precision issue in Software renderer
VertexModeler : Issue #0039815 : Fixed bone weight editing undo
VectorRenderer : Issue #0030276 : Fixed issue with skinned objects in animation
Hair : Fixed memory corruption
Network Rendering : Issue #0040167 : Fixed old beta file issue with multi-frame network rendering
Carrara – Fixed and OpenGL flashing issue which affected the 32 bits version when leaving immediate mode

What you need to know about this build:

This build can install over your current build of Carrara 8.0. The QA team has determined this is an improvement over the last 8.1 production and beta release. This build was provided to the QA team and then the public to give input on the stability and capabilities. It is deemed the most stable build of release 8.

This build will be added to your account by the DAZ 3D Customer Support Team. It will take a bit of time for all the updates to happen. So please be patient.

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If you would like to get to know Carrara 8 without purchasing right now, you can obtain a download for a 30 trial version at this site:

Carrara 8 Trial Version
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