Contest: Carrara Challenge #31 Music For My Eyes

Contest: Carrara Challenge #31 Music For My Eyes

The monthly Carrara contest with prizes of up to 100$ is open for entries at the DAZ3D forums.
More info and WIP contributions at:

The challenge this month is to create an image Based on Music
– The intent is to make a image representing music for you.It could be an image of a band like Black Sabath, The Clash, Men With Out Hats, Josie and the Pussy Cats, It could be and individual playing in a Bar such a local talent or someone like Lenard Cohen. How about Boy Goerge or any of the newer performers. It could also be a portrait of them performing.

The intent is to allow some of the newer users to Carrara to create and display thier artwork from Carrara
– Feel free to interpret the theme broadly.

Basic rules will be:
1. – Participants must use the Carrara to set up and render the Image.
2.- Must be Musically based.
3 – Modeling an object is not required but if you have ths skills or desire give it a whirl.
4.- Postwork is allowed, but must not be the highlight of the image.
5.- Images must be new (previously unpublished).
6 – Images must be rendered in Carrara or in an external renderer for which there is a Carrara plug-in (e.g. LuxRenderer, Octane).
7 – At least one WIP (work in progress) image must be posted to the WIP thread.
8 – Screen shot of the scene in Carrara to be included in WIP
9 – Each participant may submit up to 3 images into the Challenge.

Please note, there is no requirement for the winner to host the next challenge, unless they want to.

We love our wonderful sponsors heartheartsmiley
Once again Daz will generously sponsor the monthly challenge with the following prizes:
1st Place: $100.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
2nd Place: $ 50.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
3rd Place: $ 25.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
Honorable Mention (4th place): $10.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s) ( may be used for best new comers).

Dates to Remember:
WIP Thread Opens: Tuesday 7 Feb 2017
Entry Thread Opens: Sunday 5 March 2017
Entry Thread Closes/Voting Begins: 12.00 Midnight Eastern Sunday 12 March 2017
Voting Ends: Sunday 19 March 2017

As with the last challenge because we are having up to three images an entrant we WILL judge the winner by their scores combined. ie if their image 1 gets 24 votes, their image 2 gets 12 votes, and their image 3 gets 12 votes then they score 48.

2nd and third and HM would be as per usual – ie based on votes for one image.

More info and contributions at:

Carrara render from PyCarrara:


New Carrara plugin: VWD Cloth And Hair by philemot

New Carrara plugin: VWD Cloth And Hair by philemot

Philemot has released a Carrara plugin called “Carrara bridge to VWD Cloth and Hair” for the separate application VWD Cloth And Hair by VirtualWorldDynamics.
Carrara fans have received new possibilities to create realistic cloth and hair simulation for even better still and animations.

Comment from PhilW:
That’s one of the reasons I really like using cloth dynamics, everything just seems to sit more naturally on the figure. I know it is generally more work than using conforming clothing, but there are definite benefits. And of course if animating, you get more natural movement.

DAZ3D main forum thread:
Dynamic cloth + related Carrara plugins – Best Practices, Tips and Renders thread tips:
-Tutorial by Philemot, start here:
-Informative post in the main forums.  This includes some practical advice.  Check it out.  Bookmark it.

Example renders by PhilW:

The dress and texturing (and hair) are all done by PhilW. Rendered in Octane Render for Carrara.

PhilW: Just a quick one to try out a new casual outfit that I made in MD and then textured and draped in Carrara using VWD, then rendered with Octane Render for Carrara. The room and furnishings are from the old Dream House collection.












PhilW: Just a recent image with the dress made in Marvelous Designer and draped in Carrara with the cloth plugin.

















Carrara Information Manual by Dartanbeck

Carrara Information Manual by Dartanbeck

Dartanbeck over at the Carrara section of the Daz3D forums has created a great thread that serves as an alternative Carrara 8.5 Manual.
It includes up to date and sorted links to the video tutorials by Cripeman, details about animation, hair plugins and a lot more.
Here is a must have link for all Carrara users:

Carrara Information Manual:

Now also added an “Carrara Information Manual” button on the frontpage of CarraraCafe.


OctaneRender for Carrara Beta version released *UPDATED*

OctaneRender for Carrara Beta version released *UPDATED*

During the holidays, OctaneRender for Carrara Beta version was released, the GPU rendering plugin that is fully integrated into Carrara.
The beta is free for those that have a license for the 2.x version.
There is also a free demo if you have not tried out OctaneRender for Carrara here:

The beta Carrara plugin thread at the Octane forums, started 2016-10-16, contains several bug fixes and new features, full release log available in the forum thread:

More info about the upcoming Octane V3 release:

The main thread about the OctaneRender Carrara plugin:

At the DAZ3D forums, there is some more info and a few renders:

News from the DAZ3D store: Jackson’s Field Carrara scene and free HD-addon

News from the DAZ3D store: Jackson’s Field Carrara scene and free HD-addon

TangoAlpha has just released a new scene for both Carrara and DAZ Studio (Iray & 3Delight shaders) called Jackson’s Field:

Just around the corner in the fictional English county of Ravenshire is old Farmer Jackson’s ramshackle paddock. Sure, the sheds could use some TLC, and someone needs to tie up that tarp under the barn roof, but the horses don’t mind (when he remembers to keep the gate shut!), and there’s often fresh eggs and milk for sale at the side of the road . . .
This scene includes presets for 3Delight and Iray, plus a fully optimized native Carrara version.

The introduction price is 30% off and you can also get a free HD-addon (worth up to 55$) as a part of the Real Life campaign (and 45% off some other store items), more info here:

The store promo Carrara render:


Let’s make Carrara shine!

Let’s make Carrara shine!

We are refreshing the looks of Carrara Cafe and would like to make it represent Carrara in the best way possible! There fore we are looking for Carrara users who would like to be a part of creating a face for Carrara so it would stand out.

For many years we know how versatile Carrrara is and there are so many talented artists around the globe. It is time to gather all amazing artwork and show how wonderful Carrara 3D users are! So this is your chance to become a featured Carrara Cafe artist and show how amazing you are! If you want your images and videos be featured on the new looks of Carrara Cafe and be one of those amazing artists everyone look at, do not hesitate to send your artwork to
The topic of your e-mail should have a prefix “Carrara Cafe Face” so we would know it is a submission for Carrara Cafe 🙂

To make things even more exciting there is one more great idea how we all can make Carrara stand out from all other software and show how great Carrara users community is! It is to show why we love and enjoy Carrara. We are looking for you showcasing and telling us what features of Carrara you enjoy the most. Once we gather your exciting stories and showcases of what features makes you enjoy Carrara, Carrara Cafe will create a dedicated page showcasing Carrara’s features and it all will be made from your submissions! Short videos, images, animated GIFs, your phrases and exciting wordings with your name displayed on a proper demonstration of Carrara!
Isn’t that exciting!
To share what you like about Carrara please looks for a new Carrara Cafe section dedicated for that. And of course, you can send your showcases to prefix for the e-mail topic should begin with “Carrara Cafe I like

One of the best sources for “Let’s Make Carrara Shine!” project to begin would be C3DE magazine. We would like to ask every participant of C3DE magazines to confirm if they are okay if we would also show their artwork on Carrara Cafe front pages as featured images? If you would love C3DE to show case your artwork in this project, please send us an e-mail to with the topic prefix “C3DE for Cafe Face” together with your confirmation letter.

Wondering what happened to C3DE? Where did it go and why there were no new issues for so long? Answers should get their way to the public together with juicy Issue 11 considerably soon in a couple of months.

Some details about material fro those who are interested. We are now on the door of new age where technology runs on extreme pace. We have mobile networks and mobile devices with screens ranging from QVGA to retina and even 4K on mobile phones, not to mention 4k standard is on its way to be in everyone’s home. You are free to submit files of any size and dimensions (not to huge of course) but the better the quality is the better. So we should look for 1080p HD and qHD as a standard. We have no trouble to scale down the images so feel confident to submit high resolution images. Video submission would be best in HD. GIF visualizations would be best in as minimum size in Mb as possible. Carrara Cafe is viewed by various people with various internet connectivity and not all of them comes from speedy networks, we should take them into consideration and be polite to keep the load as minimum as possible.

All still images should come with a small signature on the right bottom corner of the image. For all other submissions you should provide us with your name you would like to see your credit with. Every artist submissions will be credited.

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