First CarraraCafe contest!

First CarraraCafe contest!

Yes we will start the new site with a simple contest: create a Logo for us and win a $ 75 voucher from DAZ 3D!

All you have to do is create a logo for and you can win this voucher. The contest is open to any registered user and you dont need to use Carrara to create the logo. Take a tour in the site and think about something that could represent our new User Group here, just have in mind that this is just the beginning, more things will come, like personal galleries and groups. So free your mind and draw a logo for

The judgment will be done by DAZ 3D staff, and only one will be chosen.

The rules are simple:

1 – Use a vector software, so we can use the logo anywhere, with any size.
2 – Send the logo in JPG first to with your real name and user name.
3 – You need to have a valid account at Daz3D to receive the prize.

We will open a post to show all logos that we have received. So stay tunned!

The deadline for this contest is (to be announced).

Send your created logos and have fun!

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