Contest: Carrara Challenge #31 Music For My Eyes

Contest: Carrara Challenge #31 Music For My Eyes

The monthly Carrara contest with prizes of up to 100$ is open for entries at the DAZ3D forums.
More info and WIP contributions at:

The challenge this month is to create an image Based on Music
– The intent is to make a image representing music for you.It could be an image of a band like Black Sabath, The Clash, Men With Out Hats, Josie and the Pussy Cats, It could be and individual playing in a Bar such a local talent or someone like Lenard Cohen. How about Boy Goerge or any of the newer performers. It could also be a portrait of them performing.

The intent is to allow some of the newer users to Carrara to create and display thier artwork from Carrara
– Feel free to interpret the theme broadly.

Basic rules will be:
1. – Participants must use the Carrara to set up and render the Image.
2.- Must be Musically based.
3 – Modeling an object is not required but if you have ths skills or desire give it a whirl.
4.- Postwork is allowed, but must not be the highlight of the image.
5.- Images must be new (previously unpublished).
6 – Images must be rendered in Carrara or in an external renderer for which there is a Carrara plug-in (e.g. LuxRenderer, Octane).
7 – At least one WIP (work in progress) image must be posted to the WIP thread.
8 – Screen shot of the scene in Carrara to be included in WIP
9 – Each participant may submit up to 3 images into the Challenge.

Please note, there is no requirement for the winner to host the next challenge, unless they want to.

We love our wonderful sponsors heartheartsmiley
Once again Daz will generously sponsor the monthly challenge with the following prizes:
1st Place: $100.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
2nd Place: $ 50.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
3rd Place: $ 25.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s)
Honorable Mention (4th place): $10.00 towards DAZ 3D owned item(s) ( may be used for best new comers).

Dates to Remember:
WIP Thread Opens: Tuesday 7 Feb 2017
Entry Thread Opens: Sunday 5 March 2017
Entry Thread Closes/Voting Begins: 12.00 Midnight Eastern Sunday 12 March 2017
Voting Ends: Sunday 19 March 2017

As with the last challenge because we are having up to three images an entrant we WILL judge the winner by their scores combined. ie if their image 1 gets 24 votes, their image 2 gets 12 votes, and their image 3 gets 12 votes then they score 48.

2nd and third and HM would be as per usual – ie based on votes for one image.

More info and contributions at:

Carrara render from PyCarrara:


Carrara Challenge X “Past hopes and present nostalgia”

Carrara Challenge X – Past hopes and present nostalgia

With Prizes Brought to You by Daz and HowieFarkes

DAZ has been very generous in encouraging these Carrara Challenges and has offered to support us once a month!
DAZ is donating:
1st Place: $100 towards Daz owned items.
2nd Place: $50 towards Daz owned items.
3rd Place: $25 towards Daz owned items.

In addition, two Honorable Mentions will receive a $10 Daz owned item.

This month’s sponsor is HowieFarkes and winners will also receive items from his store.

Each artist may submit up to two images by 9pm Mountain Time MT, July 14th, 2014.

The subject is “Past hopes and present nostalgia”. It’s a two sided theme with a render illustrating either the idea people from the past had of our present time and/or what we can be nostalgic of their time.

Carrara Challenge IX – “The Joke is on Me” Render Contest

Artists may submit up to two images and must use Carrara to render a PUNCH LINE to a joke!

Dates to Remember:
– WIP Thread Opens: 9:00 PM ET May 12, 2014
– Submissions Open: 9:00 PM ET May 19, 2014
– Submissions Close: 9:00 PM ET June 2, 2014
– Voting Starts: 9:00 PM ET May June 2, 2014
– Voting Ends: 9:00 PM ET June 9, 2014

With Prizes Brought to You by Daz 3D and Sadot

Logo Contest Vote!

Logo Contest Vote!

You have only one month (until April 20) to cast your vote to your  favorite CarraraCafe logo.

The winner will get a $75 voucher to spend at DAZ3D store.


Mixamo Space Battle Character Contest

Mixamo Space Battle Character Contest

Create a female ou male character based in the contest rules.

1st Place
– $1000 cash – Unity3D Pro License – 50 Mixamo Credits -Interview and Featured on Mixamo – Professional Rendering of Your Character
2nd Place
– $500 cash – Unity3D iOS or Android License – 30 Mixamo Credits – Interview on Mixamo
3rd Place
– $250 cash – 15 Mixamo Credits

More info:

Dubious Doodad contest by Dimension Theory

Dubious Doodad contest by Dimension Theory

Dimension Theory writes:

Seems to me like this the best of times to get some fun going on in our Carrara Section. A trip back to the good days of exploration and community sharing. So, I’ve decided to whip up a little contest for you guys to play with. In order to spark some interest this time around, I’ve decided to actually include a prize. Which I will now put in the center of the page in big bold letters to catch everyone’s attention…


$15 Gift Certificate 

My personal favorite submission to the contest will receive the $15 gift certificate. I will likely pick some honorable mentions or runner ups that get something nice as well, so don’t worry too much about that Surprised

At this point you’re probably wondering what the contest is. Well, let me explain. I’ve created this prop specifically for this contest. What the prop is, I have absolutely no clue. It’s dubious and it’s a doodad, the Dubious Doodad. Here is the doodad in question…

Your goal is to use whatever the heck this thing is in a way that I feel is thought provoking. You won’t be judged on render quality, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt. I’m looking for imagination, and the ability to turn something stupid into something amazing. If you can turn it into something practical and actually useful that’s all the better. I’ll be creating some of my own attempts and saving them until after the contest is over.

The rules are simple. Do whatever you want to or with the thing, but you can only use Carrara. Apply modifiers, rig it, shade it, change domains, stretch it, catch it on fire, add additional props or figures, replicate it, turn it to particles etc etc. Creativity shouldn’t be held back by many restrictions. There are how ever a few points that I would like to ask you to follow.

      •  If you’re modifying the mesh in the modeling room do not delete anything. Add to, extrude, sweep and sculpt what’s there all you want, but do not remove any of the mesh.
      • The Dubious Doodad must be the center of attention. Don’t tuck it somewhere in the background of an amazing image and expect to win!
      • It must be obvious or provable that you actually used the doodad.
    I’ll be letting the contest run for two full weeks, so the deadline will be 09-17-2011. If this goes over well with the community I’ll consider making this a regular thing. Feel free to submit as many entries as you like, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!
More information at DAZ 3D Carrara forum.
Per request by Dimension Theory, please discuss this contest in the DAZ 3D forum


IT’S ART CG Competition : Human Nature

IT’S ART CG Competition : Human Nature

From April 22nd to August 31st, IT’S ART is holding a contest called “Human Nature ”. In either 2D or 3D, Animation or Video you must try to portray what sort of situation, real or imaginary, the following concept can inspire you to create : “Human nature is the concept that there is a set of inherent distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking , feeling and acting, that all humans tend to have”. The Challenge will start April 15th and will end August 31st. The challenge will be divided in two categories :

2D & 3D Stills Pictures
Animation / VFX ( movies )

Awarded compositor Justin Lassen has provided two music tracks for the animation / VFX section and artists will be asked to use it ( or part of it ) in their production.

More info:

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