CARRARA is now the latest beta build!

If you own Carrara 8, we will add this new build to your account. You can run the production build of Carrara 8.1 side by side with this Beta build. Just don’t uninstall 8.1 version when you install this beta release.

That purpose of getting this build out is to see the progress we are making, provide input on the changes, see how Genesis looks in Carrara and see the new features we’ve added.

New in Carrara 8.5:

1. Genesis Support import .dsf files (requires DAZ Studio installed)
2. Content Management System or CMS connection to utilize the DAZ Studio database (requires DAZ Studio installed)
3. AutoFit
4. Fit To (auto generates Genesis morphs) for Genesis designed clothing
5. New Parameters Tab and user experience
6. Restore figure tools
7. Memorize tools
8. Zero Figure tools
9. Smart Content Tab (shows all the content with meta data organized similarly to DAZ Studio’s Smart Content Tab)
10. New SubD / Smoothing tool (display the smoothing slider of smoothed vertex object in the assemble room)
11. Improved Bullet Physics for soft body simulation

If you are seeing issues please log the bugs in the bug tracker.

Changes since the last production build include:

GoZ : Fixed : Fixed issue with the Poser skinning
GoZ : Fixed : Improved GoZ update for new object (to allow remapping to existing object)
Carrara : Fixed #0042387 : Soft body simulation clear should clear the animation method data
Carrara : Fixed #0041810 : Fixed point at and track behavior target
Carrara : Fixed #0035902 : Fixed ik track target id issue
FBX : Fixed #0042878 : Fixed transform conversion
Carrara : Fixed : Fixed memory corruption
Carrara : Fixed : Improve error message reporting (especially when a memory error occurred during rendering)
Carrara : Fixed #0024546 : Fixed memory leaks
Carrara : Fixed #0037789 : Report error when AVI movie cannot be decoded
Carrara : Fixed #0015955 : Improved universal manipulator to avoid problems with locked axises
3DPaint : Fixed #0037104 : Fixed crash with internal texture
Hierarchy : Fixed #0035206 : Fixed merge time line invalidation issue
DSF : Implemented : Added parameters tab
Carrara, Shaders : Implemented : Implemented a better way of saving displacement maps by the shader library.
Carrara : Updated : Code improvements and cleaning up related to displacement map export/generation
Carrara : Fixed #0041548 : Fixed problem with NLA clips snapping to each other on same track (Mac x64)
Bullet : Fixed #0036864 : Improved collision handling for soft bodies
Bullet : Implemented : Recompiled Bullet librairies for the Mac
Bullet : Implemented : Fixed Bullet libraries compilation
DSF : Fixed #0043231 : Fixed smoothing sliders in the assembly room
CMS : Fixed #0043266 : Fixed crash on the Mac when the CMS is not installed
DSF : Implemented : Autofit implementation
Carrara : Implemented : Filtering for Parameters tab page.
DSF : Implemented : New tree-style “Select Group” popup.
DSF, CR2 : Fixed : Fixed a problem with Zero Figure Pose action with some Poser content
DSF : Implemented : Autofit projection improvements
Rendering : Fixed #0042879 : Fixed a crash related to Anything Glows
Carrara : Fixed #0043377 : Fixed browser drag/drop issue
DSF : Implemented : Improved parameters and groups order to match Studio better
Rendering : Updated : Added comment related to the fix for bug #0042879

What you need to know about this build:

Note: We continue to work on the compatibility with Genesis. In the coming releases we are planning on adding presets for materials, poses and UV’s. We are also seeing work on the aniBlock importer to get it to work on Genesis in Carrara.
1. Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) is still being investigated and may have issues.
2. There is no current way to apply a preset texture to Genesis. (Genesis will not accept a PZ2)
3. Currently Genesis will only work with V4′s UV’s.
4. DAZ Studio must be installed prior to running Carrara 8.5 in order to use Genesis or the Smart Content Tab.
5. V4/M4/K4 shaders will not work on Genesis and will have to be manually built.
6. Posing Genesis must be done manually, for now there is no way to apply a pose preset to Genesis.
7. The Aniblock importer does not work with Genesis.
8. Issues still remain with the Parameters tab.

This build will be added to your account by the DAZ 3D Customer Support Team. It will take a bit of time for all the updates to happen. So please be patient.

You will need to use this Serial Number for Carrara 8 Pro. If you don’t own Pro, you can use it till the serial number times out at the date listed here: CDZCPRO-085-0000003-QNZ-001-EBTNXBR (Expires 27-Oct-2011)

Follow the discussion at DAZ3D forum:

If you would like to get to know Carrara 8 without purchasing right now, you can obtain a download for a 30 trial version at this site: Carrara 8 Trial Version

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  1. Hello.

    I am glad to see good news about Carrara, I want check is SubD / Smoothing tool, but will not install this version now, I will wait for stable release.

    Who uses 8.5, tell me please, it is compatible with plug-in for 8.0, the weight-map TirAX (TM) system is already included in this release?


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