Wrecked Cars Tutorial, Applying Rust Shaders to Awkward Models

Wrecked Cars Tutorial, Applying Rust Shaders to Awkward Models

Sci Fi Funk has released a 4 part tutorial showing us how to apply rust shaders to a bunch of imported cars.

How to make rusty wrecked cars Tutorial. Using cheap models how to amend shading domains and apply rust shaders to your 3d models.
I start the tutorial by looking for cheap (low poly) wrecked cars. The only ones I could find that were reasonable priced were (inevitably) in max format. So they need converting to something usable by Poser or Carrara.
I briefly explain how to install 3ds max (for poser people).
The only way I could export successfully was via obj format, but the shading domains are all over the place and I couldn’t get materials out. Even if I had they would need editing to rusted shaders.
I explain how to model cars to make them look wrecked (move doors, bend plains etc).

PART 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyO53Smu6JE (Finding Car models and bringing into Carrara)
PART 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I9HT0-u1c4  (Organising your car models for shader work)
PART 3 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyoNAGYJKgE (Shader overview)
PART 4 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw7_jNxb4CU  (Detailed explanations of the shaders)

More info and tutorials from Sci Fi Funk can be found at:

Good luck!

New Carrara shaders by Ringo Monfort: Aiko 5, David 5 and Master Collection at 30% off

New Carrara shaders by Ringo Monfort: Aiko 5, David 5 and Master Collection at 30% off

Ringo Monfort, the Carrara shader specialist has his entire store at 30% off, including his new releases:-DP – Carrara Shaders For Aiko 5
-Carrara Skin Shaders For David 5
-DP Carrara Master Collection Shaders

Take a look at Ringo Monforts store right here for more details and renders:

The Aiko 5 and David 5 shaders are the first Carrara shaders for the Genesis model and require the Carrara 8.5 beta.
The Carrara Master collection includes over 80 shaders and features:
Anisotropic, sub-surface scattering, transparency absorption, fresnel, translucency and much more.

Aiko 5 Carrara render:


Digital Carvers Guild plugin bundles for Carrara now available

Digital Carvers Guild plugin bundles for Carrara now available

Digital Carvers Guild has put it’s Carrara plugin library into money saving BUNDLES!
More info at: http://www.digitalcarversguild.com/bundles.php

Full Suite for Carrara – includes Anything Goos, Anything Grooves, Anything Grows, Cognito, DCG Importer, Enhance:C, Ground Control, Noir, Parchment, Project Gemini, Shader Gel and Strobe, Shader Ops, Shader Ops 2, Shaders Plus, StarBright, Terrain Tools, Toon! Pro, Wireframe Pro
All the DCG Carrara plug-ins at a super bundle price: $356.78
Power Pack for Carrara – includes Anything Grooves, Anything Grows, Shader Ops, StarBright
Four classic plug-ins at a great price: $79.00
ShaderStyle for Carrara – includes Anything Goos, Shaders Plus, Toon! Pro, Wireframe Pro
 Step up your shading and rendering with the ShaderStyle bundle; cel shading, cartoon edges, dirt and aging, wireframes, bevel shading, GI shadow catching, and more: $99.00
Terrain Pack for Carrara – includes Ground Control, Terrain Tools
If landscapes are your passion, the Ground Control and Terrain Tools bundle gets you two great plug-ins for one low price: $49.00

Thanks to booksbydavid for the tip.



















Patrick Tuten uses Shader Ops, Terrain Tools.
Landscape in Carrara 5 Pro. Surface replicator, translucency, caustics, volumetric clouds, GeoControl Beta. Shader Ops & Terrain Tools from DCG. All plants are made in Carrara.

Luxus for Carrara released! Intro sale price at 30% off.

Luxus for Carrara released! Intro sale price at 30% off.

Luxus the Luxrender plugin for Carrara, by Spheric Labs has just been released at the DAZ3D store with an introduction sale price of 20.99$, normal price will be 29.98$. Luxus supports Windows/Mac with 32/64bit versions for both.
Here is the list of what is included/supported:

Luxus Plugin for Carrara:

  • 19 LuxRender Textures as Shader Nodes
  • 17 LuxRender Materials as Shader Nodes
  • 01 Top Level Lux Surface Shader Node
  • Support for Carrara’s Spot, Bulb, and Distant lights
  • 05 LuxRender Specifc Lights:
    • Infinite(HDRI/IBL)
    • Projection
    • Sun
    • Sky 2
    • Sun Sky 2

The CarraraCafe Development/documentation blog has some useful info and freebie links that should not be missed, more here:
Especially the unofficial manual by rk66 is a must read: http://carraracafe.com/plugins/luxus-for-carrara-manual-pdf/
The official manual is available at: http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/read_me/index/16380/start
Luxrender can be freely downloaded from: http://www.luxrender.net/en_GB/standalone


Luxus the Luxrender plugin for Carrara – Development/documentation blog 20130601

Luxus the Luxrender plugin for Carrara – Development/documentation blog 20130601

The new Luxus the Luxrender plugin for Carrara is being developed by Spheric Labs at a very rapid rate. This blog is supposed to collect the most important information in one place.
The latest support additions are manual changes, free shaders and a FAQ, thanks to rk66, 3DAGE and Jay NOLA.
Luxus has been released and can now be bought from: http://www.daz3d.com/luxus-for-carrara

1. Release list/Change log

– CarraraCafe -> http://carraracafe.com/forum-3/?cid=1&show=59

2. Downloads (Updated December, 07, 2013)
– Official release of Luxus (updated to for Win/Mac 32/64bit is now available at -> http://www.daz3d.com/luxus-for-carrara
– Luxrender -> http://www.luxrender.net/en_GB/standalone

3. Documentation (Updated October, 17, 2013):
– Unofficial Manual by rk66 -> http://carraracafe.com/plugins/luxus-for-carrara-manual-pdf/
– Official Manual -> http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/read_me/index/16380/start
– FAQ (scroll down to Spheric Labs) -> http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/comment/290982/#Comment_290982

4. Other related downloads/links:
– Some Sample Shaders -> http://sphericlabs.com/carrara/LuxSampleShaders.zip
– M4/V4 Lux base shaders by 3DAGE -> http://carraracafe.com/forum-3/?cid=25&show=217
– Luxus for Carrara Resource Pack by PhilW -> http://www.daz3d.com/luxus-for-carrara-resource-pack
– Luxrender Manual -> http://www.luxrender.net/wiki/Main_Page

Unofficial Manual as PDF by Holly and rk – > http://carraracafe.com/downloads/?did=33

5. Forum threads:
– CarraraCafe -> http://carraracafe.com/forum-3/#cid=1,tid=30
– Daz3D -> http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/20383/
– Daz3D -> http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/22779/

6. FAQ (Updated 2016-04-24):
Q1: How do I create an animation with Luxus?
A1: Luxus only saves one file per frame of the animation (does not launch Luxrender), then you need to manually open the files in the Queue page of Luxrender, which renders an image of each file in the same folder. Detailed steps:
1. First you MUST set ONE of these settings, otherwise the first frame will render forever: Render Room/Rendering/Film Options:
-Halttime: 60 (means 60 seconds of rendering per frame)
-Halt SPP: 100 (means 100 samples per pixel, maybe overkill for an animation)
2. Setup Carrara for animation rendering (Movie, frame rate… assume you know this)
3. Check “Choose path” in the Rendering page in Carrara/Render room/Render/Rendering/LuxRender, to make sure that you know where the *.lxs files get saved.
4. Press Render. Done. Super quick since only files are saved, no rendering job has been done.
5. Load Luxrender and go to the Queue page and press “+” to load all the *.lxs files.
6. Watch Luxrender do its thing, all images should be saved in the same folder.
7. Enjoy!



Luxus – Luxrender plugin for Carrara beta released UPDATED 17/4

Luxus – Luxrender plugin for Carrara beta released UPDATED 17/4

Spheric Labs is working hard and fast, the new proof-of-concept build that was just released, includes enough features to call it a beta version, it works until the end of April.
Here is a complete feature list, bold means new since last build (Windows 64bit only):

Luxrender via Luxus (Render room/Renderer)
-Hybrid (GPU assisted)

Lux Surface (Shader room/Top Shader)

Lux Lights (Assemble room/Insert menu)
Sun Sky2
– Infinite (HDRI) Use forward slashes for setting the path to the map in the “Map” filed.  HDR and EXR both work. Example: c:/Program Files/DAZ 3D/Carrara8/Scenes/Global Illumination/DoschHDRI.hdr
Updated 17/4
Updated 17/4

Lux Materials (Shader room/Material) Updated 16/4
– CarPaint
– Cloth
– Glass
– Glass2
– Glossy
– GlossyCoating
– GlossyTranslucent
– Layered
– Matte
– MatteTranslucent
– Metal2
– Mirror
– Mix
– Null
– RoughGlass
– Scatter
– Velvet

Lux Volumes (Shader room/Material)

99% stable save/load function (Added 17/4, the fourth release)
-for future updates, so you should be able to start saving *.car files now already, that should work with the upcoming stable version.

Known bugs/issues:
-Camera zooms in more than in Carrara
-Some material options are missing
-Some parameters values are too limited
-Dynamic hair is not supported, SDK limitation?

Download and discussion in the new Forum thread at: http://carraracafe.com/forum-3/#cid=1,tid=30
Direct download link for Luxus: http://sphericlabs.com/carrara/Luxus.zip
Get Luxrender here: http://www.luxrender.net/en_GB/standalone

Here is a link to the Luxrender manual, a must read is the lights and material section: http://www.luxrender.net/wiki/Main_Page
-For those completely new to Luxrender, here is the main difference in lighting setup:
In most cases, it is recommended to use only meshlights/area lights and environmental lighting for your scene, rather than point or spot lights. This is becauase the point and spot lights are unphysical and have no real world equivalent. As a result, they tend to produce unnaturally hard lighting and sharp shadows. Avoiding the point and spot lights will help improve the realism of your scene.
-Also, try to change the lights WHILE rendering in Luxrender, in the “Light group” sheet, check screenshot below.
-Also, switch Luxus render from “sampler” to “hybrid” to run GPU assisted rendering, limited to one light currently.



Luxus for Carrara alpha version released – Luxrender for Carrara plugin

Luxus for Carrara alpha version released – Luxrender for Carrara plugin

Developer Spheric Labs that is selling Luxus the Luxrender plugin for Daz Studio,  has already released an alpha release for the Carrara version.
Since it is an alpha version, it is very limited and should be seen a glimpse of what we may see in the near future if all goes well.
Here is the Forum thread with the discussion and download (updated): http://carraracafe.com/forum-3/#cid=1,tid=30
Direct download link for Luxus: http://sphericlabs.com/carrara/Luxus.zip

I have made the following simplifications to get this to you quicker.
1) Win64 only for now. (Please don’t kill me over this)
2) LuxRender must be installed like so
– CarraraFolder
— Carrara.exe
— LuxRender
— LuxRender.exe
3) Autotranslation is very primitive. I doubt it will work at all.
4) 2 new shaders. Lux Surface should be the top most shader, Lux Matte must be in the first slot of Lux Surface
5) Only the diffuse channel of Lux Matte will work. You can set a color or a texture there.
6) The Rendering Options only let you specify general stuff, not options on those things.

Get Luxrender here: http://www.luxrender.net/en_GB/standalone
Luxrender gallery: http://www.luxrender.net/forum/gallery2.php
Luxus for Daz Studio: http://www.daz3d.com/luxus

Updated 20130412: Added a quick render comparison of Carrara internal vs Luxrender via Luxus alpha.
To start Luxrender, note the top right corner: Renderer: Luxus via Luxrender, then press Render as usual.



Installation: Extract the zip file of Luxus into the Extensions folder of Carrara 8 64bit. Install Luxrender in the Carrara 8 folder, see the screenshot below that shows the correct paths/files:




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