Carrara now will talk to Daz Studio with a new file format that DAZ 3D is testing, so its time to add Daz Studio to our new arsenal of tools. You can use it as more then a simple pose and render tools, but as a content creator tool!

Here is a collection of Daz Studio 4 PRO videos that can help you to start creating cloths for you own models.
Note that they dont show how to model the mesh, if you want to learn more about modeling get the basic video tutorials Genesis Start Kit from Fugazi1968 at DAZ 3D store:

The first video will show you how to import and copy the RIG from a character to you new piece of cloth, using the Transfer Utility:

Now that you have your cloth in place we need to setup so we dont get pokes in the objetcs and morphs with Mesh Smoothing Modifier:

Note that all morphs dynamically added to the cloth will not show in the Parameters tabs, unless you tick the Show Hidden Properties.
Other point is that you need to dial all morphs that you want create, so they will be part of your cloth to work in Carrara or Poser.

Now you will need to fix some morphs, so follow those tutorials done using Modo, but you can do almost the same thing in Carrara, Hexagon or any other modeler.

Using Content Creator Tool (CCT) you can export your mesh as OBJ and edit in other modeler software:
Morph Clean-up Part 1

Morph Clean-up Part 2

Now that you have the base cloth you can export as a CR2 file that will load in Poser or any software that support this kind of file format, using the CR2 Export:

This is the basic for cloth creation, if you need more information about more complex setup, please also check this videos:

Polygon Group Editor in CCT and Pro

Weight Map Brush

Auto Rig Feature

Rigging Modification Intro Pt 1 Joint Editor

Rigging Modification Intro Pt 2 Poly Group Editor

Rigging Modification Intro Pt 3 Weight Maps Brush

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