Carrara-izing Blender – Part 1

Thanks to JoeMamma2000 for a detailed yet easy-to-follow guide on how to adapt Blender, for a Carrara user. Besides the basics like the Graphical-User-Interface differences and tips and tricks, there are detailed descriptions of the different features and methods....

ERC MADE EASY – Enhancing Facial Realism

Fenric has created for us a very powerful animation automation tool with the Carrara ERC plug-in. However, the core concept of ERC is very simple; thing A moves thing B or more accurately thing A controls/modifies thing B. ERC is basically acting like the string between a puppet and its human master.

Carranimation Part 1 – Rotation of the Hip

In this article I wanted to instead demonstrate my simple method of character animation. Shape the pose, and be creative with it. Here is your chance to direct exactly what that hero or villain is up to. You could use purchased poses for any of this, but for the sake of this article, we’re going to do everything by hand….

Optimizing Your Content – Shader Basics

Optimizing is uniquely different from one individual’s needs to the next. We all have different tastes and goals which leads to different scene setups with lighting and rendering – even render engine considerations. This article has a goal to help you solve some of the more basic aspects of tweaking existing shaders to appear in the scene the way you want them to. While it mostly focuses on character shaders, what is said here also applies to all shaders in Carrara.

Major Production – My Production

A brief word about how I juggle the creation of my own meager, yet somewhat epic in scale, production in Carrara  Amidst the darkness of reality arose a hero lost in his own imagination. Together, he and his fascinations protect what little light remains and strive to...

What Content can I use in Carrara?

Carrara has the ability to load in and use most types of 3d model files on the market. It has a rather genius browser window to help us to catalog and find it all. But how do I set it up? And what kind of content can I buy and expect to work easily within Carrara’s interface? I bought it, installed it, but how do I find it?

Creating cloths for Poser

Carrara now will talk to Daz Studio with a new file format that DAZ 3D is testing, so its time to add Daz Studio to our new arsenal of tools. You can use it as more then a simple pose and render tools, but as a content creator tool! Here is a collection of Daz Studio...